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10 tips for the perfect barbecue party

10 Tipps für die perfekte Grill Party - Dr. Ginger

A summer without a barbecue is like a winter without snow. Or an autumn without colors. Or a spring without feelings. That's why the following applies: if you don't have your own grill, let friends invite you in good time. And to ensure that the barbecue is a real success, it is best to follow the ten tips below. So nothing can go wrong.

1. Hot, hot, hot - the right grill

There is no fire without heat and no grilling without fire. Charcoal works best, a gas grill guarantees the perfect heat and wood is the most romantic. According to your taste: Do you want your guests to get the perfectly grilled cutlet, sit around the fire and sing, or spend a relaxed but culinary perfect evening? A gas grill is the meat's favorite method (and also the easiest for the grill master) - adjustable heat, clean and super controllable. If you like it rustic, make a fireplace and let the guests join the fire. Sitting around the fire and baking stick bread brings childhood memories to life. With charcoal, on the other hand, you get the perfect embers and the right heat for the meat. All three methods are perfect.

2. Meat, sausage or vegetables: what goes on the fire? 

The guests determine what is put on the plate. Are you a vegetarian? Lactose intolerant? Vegan? No problem for grilling. If you don't eat meat, you can get fish, if you're a vegetarian, you can enjoy grilled cheese and vegetables. Strict vegans only prefer vegetables - but they can also indulge in the side dishes: baked potatoes or bread on a stick are also possible with a vegan diet. The meat eaters are of course the easiest to please: sausages, meatballs, chops or skewers work best on the grill. Attention, only during the preparation if guests with different eating habits should be present: do not put the vegetables next to the meat or on a plate with the sausages - the vegetarians will thank you. 

3. Medium, raw or well done: This is how the perfect meat succeeds

When it comes to grilling, timing is everything. Depending on which meat should end up on the fire and then on the plate, certain conditions have to be observed. Certain types of meat should definitely not be translucent - chicken carries the risk of salmonella, so always cook well. Fish, on the other hand, should never be left on the fire for too long, as it will become dry and tough. With beef, it's a matter of taste: If you like it rare, take the meat off the heat earlier and let it rest a little, if you like it well done, you simply serve the piece a little later. Otherwise, the following applies: not too long and not too close to the fire, the risk of burns is too great - and who likes to eat a piece of charred, dry meat? 

4. Side dishes and sauces: According to your taste 

The icing on the cake when grilling are the most important things when grilling. Ready-made sauces are something for practical people who need to be quick and don't want to spend much time grilling. The selection is huge, from curry sauces to the different types of ketchup and all kinds of special sauces - everything is available in the supermarket. However, your own creations and freshly made dips are also not to be scoffed at: Zaziki with freshly pressed garlic, homemade aioli or guacamole round off the grilled food perfectly and provide the right kick. 

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5. Drinks and Co.

The classic is of course beer. Ice-cold pilsner, spritzer beer or shandy - everyone will find something to their liking here too. Alcohol has the advantage that it - maybe only supposedly - helps with digestion. What you serve for the barbecue is of course a matter of taste. And not everyone will drink the same thing. Spritzer white wine is just as great a summer drink and even better with chicken or fish. Lemonades, mineral water or homemade ice tea are just the thing for the little ones and to quench their thirst. But it can also be something unusual for an aperitif or dessert: A herbal liqueur maybe, a glass of whiskey or a Ginger Liqueur by Dr. ginger go well with hearty dishes when grilling. 

6. The best place

Of course, it is most comfortable in your own garden. And anyone who knows they are in the fortunate position of owning one of these will certainly be happy to invite people to a barbecue party in the summer. But great barbecues can be organized just as well by a campfire by a lake or on the terrace in the city apartment.

7. It's all in the details

Colorful serviettes, funny straws or illuminated lanterns conjure up the right atmosphere at the barbecue. Solar-powered lights are practical and available everywhere, they charge during the day and give the right light in the dark. Those who like flowers can let off steam on the tables.

8. The right sound

Playlists with summer songs conjure up the right carpet of sound for every barbecue party. Anyone organizing their barbecue party on the shore of a lake can listen to the crickets chirping or the frogs croaking. Or pick up the guitar and tune into music yourself, your guests will definitely sing along.

9. Weatherproof

With umbrellas, tarpaulins or just under a roof - depending on where the barbecue takes place, there is also the right solution for possibly unstable weather. Only in thunderstorms should you be careful and get to safety.

10. What's left of the festival

If you calculate correctly, you will still have leftovers after everyone is full. Marinated meat gets even better if you don't use it until the next day, just be careful with fish and chicken. So the party can be continued the next day - with the delicacies of the previous evening.

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