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dr Ginger goes Zurich - first point of sale in the city on the Limmat

Dr. Ginger goes Zürich - erste Verkaufsstelle in der Limmatstadt - Dr. Ginger

Urban Food Store Niederdorf Zürich

As of now, the handmade dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur from the Zurich wine region also in the Urban Food Store available in Zurich Niederdorf.

The traditional cheese shop "Chäs Chäller" in Zurich's Niederdorf has expanded its range to include various local specialties and exclusive items from small-scale production and start-ups, which is why the shop is now „Urban Food Store“ is called.

Urban Food Store Niederdorf Zürich

In addition to a wide selection of excellent cheese specialties, you will also find excellent whiskey from Säntis, urban kombucha from Lausanne, drinking chocolate for cold winter days, gin & tonic water from Zurich small kitchens or Ginger liqueur from the Zurich wine region.

For hungry visitors there are also delicious cheese sandwiches, (vegan) soups or salads, as well as a nice selection of exquisite spirits, wines and beers.

A visit to the is worthwhile for lovers of exclusive cheese and other food specialities, drinks and spirits Urban Food Store in any case!



Urban Food Store "Chäs Chäller"
Niederdorfstrasse 46
8001 Zurich

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Urban Food Store Niederdorf Zürich

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