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Successful start of sales from Dr. Ginger Ginger Liqueur in Volg

Erfolgreicher Verkaufsstart vom Dr. Ginger Ingwer Likör im Volg - Dr. Ginger

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, the sale of dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur started successfully in four Volg stores in the Zurich wine region.

Just in time for the start of sales took place in the Follow branches Benken, Marthalen, Uhwiesen and Dachsen Tastings took place during the day, which were very well attended.

From now on, the 0.35l dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur Bottles are on the shelves in the branches mentioned and the demand is huge.

We look forward to a successful further cooperation with Volg!

In our store locator you can find the points of sale of Dr. Gingers - click here!

Dr. Ginger Ingwer Likör im Volg kaufen

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