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Cool drinks in two minutes - this is how it works quickly and without a refrigerator

Getränke in zwei Minuten kühlen - so funktioniert's schnell und ohne Kühlschrank - Dr. Ginger

Getränke in zwei Minuten kühlen - ohne Kühlschrank

Spontaneous visit: how do you chill the drinks in two minutes and without a fridge?

Summer brings us a lot of sunshine at the moment. People sit comfortably in the garden in every free minute. Many barbecue and relax on the beach. If relatives, acquaintances or friends spontaneously invite you in the evening, some people are left without cold drinks. Well, good advice is expensive. But resourceful spirits know how to get out of this situation elegantly. To serve lukewarm beer or the Dr. Not even pulling out ginger ginger liqueur cannot solve the problem. Even guests who arrive spontaneously are treated appropriately, which is what hospitality demands. 

Can a host cool drinks without electricity? 

Whether it's beer, cola or Dr. Ginger's ginger liqueur is irrelevant. Chilled drinks are just as popular at a summer garden party as they are at world championships on TV. But how can someone quickly chill the available drinks as quickly as the spontaneously arriving guests announce their thirsty throats? Without a fridge, the hosts are pretty lost. However, if you have ice cubes with you in a cool bag, you can solve the problem. The bottle of beer or the Dr. Ginger ginger liqueur is placed in a plastic bowl and covered with the ice cubes you brought with you. Now you need a handful of table salt. The more the better. 

Anyone who has paid attention in physics or chemistry knows what happens now. The salt ensures that the natural coldness of the ice cubes is increased. The temperature in the ice bowl drops to minus 17 degrees Celsius in no time. With this trick, the host can serve his guests a chilled drink within two or three minutes Ginger liqueur or pull a refreshingly cold cola out of the hat. When it is hotter, the drinks should lie under the ice-salt layer for a longer period of time before being passed around. 

So it's always worth taking a box of ice cubes and a pound of table salt with you for a barbecue or to the pool. You also never know who will simply invite themselves on a beautiful summer evening. Drinks can also be cooled without a refrigerator.
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If necessary, the freezer has to serve 

Drinks can of course be cooled much better at home. Unfortunately, it takes far too long in the refrigerator to reach the right degree of coldness. The following trick works with the freezer. So everyone can have their bottle dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur cool quickly without electricity and without waiting in the fridge. To minimize the risk of the glass bottle bursting in sub-zero temperatures and to prevent the contents of the bottle from freezing, a damp paper towel must be wrapped around the bottle. This is then deposited in the freezer for a few minutes. The moisture in the cloth cools without breaking the glass. It will take a little longer in the fridge this way. But the desired cooling effect also works.

Help - I'm not prepared for either method

The power of panicked thoughts will not help anyone now. Ingenuity is required when someone wants to get cold drinks without a fridge. In some situations there is no escape - unless someone quickly cycles to the nearest gas station or supermarket and buys two bags of crushed ice. 

Anyone who is currently on the Rhine or other waters still has the opportunity to put the bottles in the cold water near the shore - if possible in a water-filled bucket that has to be secured against drifting on the river using an improvised anchor and a rope. Otherwise it ebbs and the cooling without a refrigerator and electricity literally falls into the water. 

On the Baltic Sea, people who have set up camp near the pier for good reason can let their drinks hang down from the pier in a bucket with a long cord and cool them down in the water. So everyone can bring the bottle dr ginger or keep the beer bottles from the crate you took with you cool without a fridge. In the course of the year, the Baltic Sea only gets warmer than 18 degrees when the water is very shallow. The deeper the bucket with the bottles hangs in the water, the colder it gets. 

It should only be noted that ships also operate on the waters and do not reckon with the bucket hanging in the water. If the cord gets tangled up in the ship's propeller, the culprit could face legal action and a high bill. Anyone in the know knows that children like to jump off a bridge into the water, despite all the bans. They could injure themselves on the hanging cooling bucket. Prudence is therefore advisable despite the acute party mood. Wanting to cool drinks without electricity should not degenerate into a greater willingness to take risks.
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