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Ginger makes you want to and promotes potency: About the aphrodisiac effect of ginger

Ingwer macht Lust und fördert die Potenz: Über die aphrodisierende Wirkung von Ingwer - Dr. Ginger

Ingwer Aphrodisiakum und Potenzmittel steigert Lust und Potenz

There is no denying that ginger is extremely healthy and not only can help with weight loss, but it can also have an aphrodisiac effect. So it's definitely worth trying the aromatic tuber for yourself.

Ginger boosts the metabolism and makes you want to eat

The ginger root is mainly found in Asian cuisine, but it has long since become an integral part of many dishes in this country. Also as a tea, as a fine spice or even as a Ginger liqueur the tuber with the spicy, slightly hot aroma can be used. The rootstock of the ginger is characterized by thick stalks that reach several meters into the sky like rampant reeds. The natives of Asia, Africa and South America have known about the special powers of the plant for centuries: it is considered a natural aphrodisiac, which is used by Senegalese women, among others. They tie ginger around their waists to arouse men's lust. The reason for this is said to be the stimulating ingredient gingerol, which is responsible for the intensive aroma of the root. 

Nowadays, of course, ginger does not necessarily have to be consumed in its natural form, but can be used wonderfully as a spice in dishes, as a tea or with Ginger liqueur even in the form of cocktails. Another option is capsules, which are available in pharmacies and health food stores. If ginger is taken regularly, this can definitely have positive effects on sexuality: blood circulation is stimulated, you have more desire and potency also increases. 

Dr. Ginger Ingwer Likör

If the pure taste of ginger is not too intrusive, the fresh root can also be rubbed into food or used as a drink, e.g. Ginger liqueur enjoy. Studies show that regular consumption of ginger makes it easier for men to get an erection and it often lasts longer than usual.

Actively increase potency: Why ginger is considered a real miracle cure

It doesn't matter whether you suffer from erection problems or impotence - ginger is a natural remedy that can be used to alleviate some symptoms or even eliminate them completely. Since ginger gets the blood circulation and metabolism going, potency also benefits from it: The penis is optimally supplied with blood and oxygen and thus acts as a kind of small booster with an extra kick. It promotes the air for sex and gives many a man a long-lasting erection. 

However, despite numerous studies examining the aphrodisiac effects of ginger, there is still no scientific evidence. But once you've tried a piece of soothing ginger yourself, you really don't need to explain much: you usually notice very quickly that ginger makes you feel warm after a short time, your circulation is stimulated and your metabolism is in full swing. The oils contained in the root stimulate the entire cardiovascular system, which is also good for your health. Freshly grated ginger can also act as a natural pain reliever, as American scientists have discovered. For example, it can prevent painful sore muscles or relieve cold symptoms. 

Tips for proper consumption of fresh ginger

If you want to experience the aphrodisiac effect of ginger yourself, you should try out a few recipes with the aromatic root yourself. For example, you can peel a thumb-sized piece, cut into slices and then place in a cup of hot water. Along with some honey, lemon juice and a dash Ginger liqueur it becomes a delicious hot drink that is very warming, especially in winter. The tea can relieve blocked noses and thus ensure more fun during lovemaking. 

By the way: Fresh ginger is not - as is often assumed - the strongest. In fact, it's exactly the opposite: the longer you let ginger sit and mature, the more the gingerols contained in the root develop. Strictly speaking, after a while these turn into so-called shogaole, which have a much sharper taste - and an even more intense effect. 

A very tasty way to enjoy ginger is with a Ginger liqueur. Whether as an aperitif before making love, at a party or on a romantic evening with your partner: try sweet, aromatic ones for yourself dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur and convince yourself of its effectiveness. 

If you would like to snack on ginger in between, you can soak individual pieces in a sugar solution and candy them in this way. The candied ginger pieces are excellent for use in cookies, cakes or as an extra to muesli. Of course you can also enjoy them pure - simply as a delicious snack in between.

Dr. Ginger Ingwer Likör
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