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Grow ginger yourself at home

Ingwer selber Zuhause anbauen - Dr. Ginger

Ingwer einfach selber Zuhause anpflanzen

Ginger is now also very popular in Switzerland. The tuber can be used both for cooking and as a medicine. However, many are put off by the price of ginger from buying it. One consideration is to grow the ginger at home. You can read here what you need, how to sow and plant them. 

Where does ginger come from?

Ginger mainly grows in the subtropics and tropics. The best-known country of origin is India, which now produces 250,000 tons a year, but the entire Asian region and South America also plant ginger. The origin is not known, but is assumed to be in the Pacific. Since the 9th century, ginger has also arrived in European areas. 

Commercial ginger cultivation?

Ginger multiplies on large plantations. The roots are selected, divided and placed in the fields. After about three quarters of a year, it can be harvested. The tubers are taken out of the ground at different stages. The earlier they are harvested, the finer and fiber-free they are. However, the important essential oils and aromas multiply with growth. The harvest varies depending on whether it is used as a kitchen or medicinal product.

How can I grow ginger at home?

What you multiply is the so-called rhizome, i.e. a part of the root. It is not necessary to sow ginger or to buy plants, as the purchased root is perfectly adequate as a basis for propagation. 
Soak the root in warm water overnight. Then you can place them in a flower pot that is well filled with nutrient-rich soil. Then cover the root with 2 cm of soil or humus and press it down lightly. Moisten them with warm water. A spray bottle works well for this. 
Put the pot in a warm and bright place without drafts and spray it with a little water every day. 

Ingwer Zuhause selber anpflanzen

The time is suitable Spring is particularly good, as the ever-warming sun allows the ginger to grow well. After a few weeks, the first sprouts will appear. They stretch out of the earth as small green spikes. Now you can carefully repot the ginger by removing it complete with soil and placing it in a larger, especially wider pot and cultivating it again with nutrient-rich soil. Don't forget to spray the shoots with warm water regularly. 

Now you can watch your ginger plant grow if you move it to a sunny spot put in the house. It will develop over the summer. Many are then shocked when the leaves gradually turn yellow and the plant dies. But this is exactly the right time for the tubers to be harvested. 

You can immediately dig up the entire root and use or store it, or just cut off a piece and let the rest of the plant overwinter in a cool, dark room, preferably in the basement. The plant does not have to be watered during this time. 
Then get the ginger out again in the spring and water it regularly. This gives the tuber a more intense taste and contains more active ingredients.

How do I store the ginger bulbs?

It's best to store them in a dark and dry place and always remove a little from the plant, so they don't dry out or even get moldy. 
Of course you can also process the ginger root and make it durable. For example, you can slice them and pickle them in vinegar. Or you put pressed or sliced ​​ginger in oil and use it for salads and for frying various dishes. Of course, the roots can also be dried. You can easily use your oven for this. Slice the ginger and place on a baking sheet. At 150 degrees you can leave the ginger slices in the oven until they have dried. Let them dry in the air as well, then you can chop them up with the blender and pour them into glasses.

Have fun trying!

Ingwer Knolle
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