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Opening of the Quartier Pop-up Club in Schaffhausen

Eröffnung vom Quartier Pop-up Klub in Schaffhausen - Dr. Ginger

Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen Programm

Update April 2019: The Quartier Pop-up Club will open its doors again in April 2019 for four exclusive events - you can find more information here!

Pop-up concepts are very successful in the catering industry and the first pop-up club is about to open in Schaffhausen.

For only 4 parties over four weeks, the Neighborhood Club at Mühlenstrasse 26 in Schaffhausen (opposite the power plant) on Saturday, March 10th, 2018!

The pop-up club has a lot to offer musically: With HipHop, Trap, House, Techno, Afrobeats, Rap, Dancehall, Latin and Future everyone gets their money's worth.

Below is an overview of the four parties:

Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen


Quartier Klub Schaffhausen Opening Pop-up Klub

Here's the link to the Facebook event...


Quartier Klub Schaffhausen Pop-up Party Cake

Here's the link to the Facebook event...


Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen Techno Stellar

Here's the link to the Facebook event...


Pop-up Quartier Klub Schaffhausen Park ty

Here's the link to the Facebook event...


Dr. Ginger will of course also be available on the bar shelf and we look forward to a great month in the Neighborhood pop-up club!

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