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Re-opening of the Quartier Pop-up Club in Schaffhausen

Re-Opening vom Quartier Pop-up Klub in Schaffhausen - Dr. Ginger

Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen mit Dr. Ginger

In April 2018 he had Neighborhood pop-up club opened its doors for 4 parties for the first time and offered four exclusive party nights to Schaffhausen's nightlife.

Due to the great success Neighborhood pop-up club is now open for four more wild nights of partying from April 6, 2019 and we look forward to partnering with the dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur to be at the party again!


The competition is over. The winner has been notified by email


Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen 2019

Below you will find all information about the four party nights in the Quartier Pop-up Club over the next 4 weeks:

 Re-Opening Samstag, 6. April 2019

Stellar Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen

Quartier Fäscht Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen 2019

Letschti Rundi Quartier Pop-up Klub Schaffhausen 2019

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