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Why bartenders mix ginger in drinks

Wieso Barkeeper Ingwer in Drinks mischen - Dr. Ginger

Warum Barkeeper Ingwer in Cocktails mixen

Trendy drinks come and go. But the latest craze, drinks with ginger, is here to stay. Why every bartender now uses ginger.

Bartenders are always looking for exotic notes to create new mixed drinks. The aim is always to surprise people's taste buds and offer them something new. In search of the perfect ingredient to add a new nuance to many classic drinks, we came across ginger. After many experiments with the plant root, we found the perfect mixture and have been producing the ever since dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur.

The taste of ginger in cocktails

Ginger is known from classic cuisine for its spicy taste and a certain sharpness that gives some dishes the finishing touch. The ginger root develops exactly this taste in drinks and can therefore enhance tried-and-tested mixed drinks and refresh the palate. The pungent aroma goes well with almost any cocktail and provides complete refreshment.

Ginger liqueur without chemicals and additives

Some bartenders want to defy the trend of thousands of artificial additives and flavor enhancers and are therefore looking for natural alternatives that promise both an excellent taste and are harmless to health.

With the ginger we have with our dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur managed such a balancing act. After all, in addition to its flavor, ginger also offers a variety of healthy ingredients. The ginger root has always been praised as a medicinal plant that, among other things, inhibits inflammation and pain and helps against nausea and digestive problems.

dr Ginger ginger likher

Now ginger has found its way into the world of mixed drinks. The dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur is produced by hand in the Zurich wine region with no additives and only fresh ingredients. If ginger liqueur - then Dr. Ginger!

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