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20 tips against a hangover

20 Tipps gegen einen Kater - Dr. Ginger
20 Tipps gegen einen Kater
You've probably had to suffer from a hangover too. After a night of drinking, the next day rarely starts well. So that you don't have to suffer the whole day, we will show you 20 tips below that will significantly improve your hangover.

Tip #1: Build a solid foundation

The hangover tips should start with laying a solid foundation before drinking alcohol. It is best to eat a sufficient portion first, as this significantly delays the absorption of alcohol. 
In between you can eat fatty and salty snacks, because these have a similar effect. 

Tip #2: Sweets are bad

If you're wondering, "What to do about a hangover," then don't just eat greasy food before the party. You should also consistently avoid other foods. This includes any food that contains a lot of sugar. This ensures that the alcohol is absorbed more quickly. 

Tip No. 3: Alcohol is not just alcohol

Alcohol can affect your hangover in many different ways. The tips against hangovers must not suppress this fact. Brandy has a particularly strong effect. Red wine, whiskey or rum also cause bad headaches the next day. However, keep your hands off very cheap drinks. 

Tip #4: Stick to the same drink 

Under no circumstances should you drink many different drinks in a row. It is best to choose a drink at the beginning and stay with it throughout the evening. 

Tip #5: Smoking is bad 

Smoking is not only generally bad for the body, but it also promotes hangovers. This is because the smoke robs vitamins and oxygen. This intensifies the effect of alcohol. 

Tip #6: Avoid drinking games

Drinking games are particularly good for hangovers, because a lot of alcohol is drunk here in a short time. Most of the time people also drink wildly, which is also bad. 

Tip #7: Water in the evening

You can significantly reduce your hangover by drinking plenty of water at night before bed. Especially without carbonic acid, you are doing something good for your body. 

Tip #8: Eat before bed 

Before going to sleep, you should not only drink, but also eat. This allows the alcohol to be literally sucked up.

Tip #9: Open the window

An open window at night ensures that you are supplied with sufficient oxygen. This is very beneficial against the hangover. 

Tip #10: The right sleeping position 

When you get drunk at night, you quickly get the feeling that the bed is turning. This makes the hangover feeling even worse. Therefore, you should try to stabilize yourself with several pillows. 

Tip #11: A shower works wonders

Try to take a shower before you go to sleep. This gets your circulation going. This is very helpful for breaking down the alcohol. 

Tip #12: Cold helps 

Cold can help with a painful skull because it constricts the vessels. As a result, the pain is perceived less. 

Tip #13: Use essential oils

Tiger balm and peppermint oil can be used for headaches. Simply massage both into your forehead and temples in circular motions. 

Tip #14: No caffeine

Better than a coffee, a glass of water in the morning will help you. After all, you shouldn't take the risk of getting a racing heart.

Tip #15: Home remedies can improve nausea

When you have a hangover, you may often feel sick too. This nausea can be reduced by drinking ginger tea.

Tip #16: Home remedies can also improve heartburn

A glass of milk or a tablespoonful of oatmeal will help relieve painful heartburn.

Tip no. 17: Eat a generous breakfast

After a good night's sleep, you should eat a hearty breakfast. The minerals and vitamins will help you get fit again quickly.

Tip #18: Still no candy

You should also avoid sweets the next day. The sugar will negatively affect your condition and will make the headache and nausea worse.

Tip no. 19: get some fresh air

At first it will cost you an effort, but fresh air helps. The headaches in particular then subside significantly. Your circulation is stimulated by the movement, which supports the breakdown of alcohol.

Tip No. 20: Avoid alcohol at first

After a party, you should avoid alcohol for the next few days. This gives your body the opportunity to recover. At the next party you can then start again.
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