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Ginger - a medicinal plant with a wide range of uses

Ingwer – eine Heilpflanze mit umfangreichem Einsatzgebiet - Dr. Ginger

Ingwer – eine Heilpflanze mit umfangreichem Einsatzgebiet

Ginger is a tropical herb native to Southeast Asia. But for many years, the small tuber has not only been able to assert itself in the Asian part of the world. In addition to the refining aroma that adorns gingerbread, mulled wine, tea and curry mixtures, ginger is mainly used because of its numerous positive effects on the human body. 

What do the ingredients do?

Looking at the ginger plant with its yellow flowers and long green leaves, one quickly wonders which part of the plant is actually used. This question is quickly answered: The active ingredients are in the lower part of the plant - in the rootstock. This is infused with up to three percent essential oils, which are extracted to be used for stunning flavors or healing effects on the body. 
But not only ethereal substances can be found in the root tuber, but also spices that are perceived as pungent in our mouth. 
What substances does ginger contain? 


  • zingibers
  • Shogaole
  • Curcumin
  • Beta-Eudesmus
  • Gingerole

All these substances lead to the well-known effect of ginger. The pungent substances are released the first time you chew them. These ensure increased blood flow to the nasal and pharyngeal mucous walls, resulting in a refreshing effect. Depending on the spiciness of the ginger, a burning sensation in the throat and a runny nose can occur.

In addition, the stomach produces a higher proportion of gastric acid to digest the tuber. This stimulates the digestion very strongly and thus contributes to an increased metabolism. Even with a chronic lack of appetite, this effect can be used. Due to the increased production of stomach acid, the brain signals "hunger". 

Often this effect is also used to reduce travel sickness. The urge to vomit can be significantly suppressed, so that the journey or flight can be endured better.
If pain is a daily companion, the substances in ginger can also be real helpers here. They greatly relieve inflammation, so that inflammatory joint pain that occurs in rheumatic diseases can be combated. 

Ginger liqueur - there are massive differences

Many people like to treat themselves to a nightcap after a meal, which is why you should have one Ginger liqueur can use.

Ginger stimulates the production of stomach acid. But the flow of bile is also significantly increased. In addition, the substances in ginger are characterized as germicidal and flatulent. This supports the body especially when a lot of fats have been ingested, which are usually difficult to digest. 

It can be taken before or after eating, because the ginger relaxes the gastrointestinal muscles within a very short time. 

Who Ginger liqueur want to buy should pay attention to a few criteria: 
First of all, the value for money is certainly to be considered. Many manufacturers worship a quality product with fresh ingredients at a reasonable price, but there are others ginger liqueurs in the high-price segment, which are only made from flavors and concentrates. A tasting can do very well here. Different varieties can be tasted, so that the Ginger liqueur can be purchased that best suits your needs. 
Attention should be paid to the intensity of the taste. Some liqueurs are very mild, therefore hardly burn and can be drunk with relish. Others, on the other hand, are very stimulating because their taste comes with a strong note.

Another criterion should be the alcohol content. Since there are no guideline values ​​for the alcohol content for ginger liqueur, this can vary greatly and tend to be higher or lower depending on the liqueur base used.

Our dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur is with its 20% vol. and the lemony taste as well as the addition of elderflower and brown cane sugar a rather mild ginger liqueur.

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