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dr Ginger takes off: Report in the inflight magazine of Swiss, Lufthansa and other airlines

Dr. Ginger hebt ab: Bericht im Inflight Magazin von Swiss, Lufthansa und weiteren Airlines - Dr. Ginger

Dr. Ginger hebt ab

After countless media already commented on the success of dr Ginger Ginger Liqueur attention, media interest is now going beyond national borders for the first time. On March has us «Discover Germany, Switzerland & Austria», the inflight magazine of Swiss, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, British Airlines and Brussels Airlines dedicated an entire article.


The magazine is available on all airlines and is aimed at both holidaymakers and business travelers. You can also find the magazine at airports, airline lounges and at several gates, including in Zurich, Geneva, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Hanover, Stuttgart, Munich and many more.

Dr. Ginger In-Flight Magazin


You can find the complete article here.

Here you can also view the complete March issue of “Discover Germany, Switzerland & Austria” online.

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