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Ginger tea - why it is so healthy and what it helps with

Ingwertee - Wieso er so gesund ist und wofür er hilft - Dr. Ginger

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Are you suffering from indigestion or an annoying cold coming on? Then ginger tea could be the perfect solution! Like other herbs, ginger tea has active ingredients that fight nausea, for example. The effect of ginger has been scientifically proven and it has also been approved as a medicinal plant in Switzerland since 1984.

In this article we will show you why ginger tea is so healthy and how you can best prepare it. 

effect of ginger

For a long time, ginger was only known as a spice in the kitchen. But that has changed, because the healing abilities of this plant are gradually being recognized and recognised. 

Ginger consists of more than 160 different ingredients. These include iron and numerous vitamins. Other important components of ginger are essential oils and pungent substances. These stimulate blood circulation in your body. This creates a pleasant, warming effect. 

Where can you use ginger tea? 

nausea and upset stomach 

Ginger reduces stomach sensitivity and relieves nausea. 

Another positive side effect of ginger is increased stomach movement. Thus, the contents of the stomach are transported faster than usual. Regular consumption of ginger tea can also help with digestive problems. Because it soothes and relaxes the muscles in the stomach, can help with irritated gastric mucosa and even with a disturbed intestinal flora, ginger tea is a good support. 

Ginger tea can also help with morning sickness. However, you should be aware that too much ginger can induce labor. You should check with your doctor beforehand how much you are allowed to take. 

pain and migraine symptoms 

Ginger has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. And unlike chemical medicines: Ginger tea is natural and has almost no and only very rarely occurring side effects! 

Ginger is a good treatment option, especially for headaches, because it has the same active ingredient as aspirin: acetylsalicylic acid. 

In the case of pain, such as arthrosis or rheumatism, ginger is a very effective method of relieving pain. 

If you suffer from severe menstrual cramps, you can use ginger tea. The tea warms the body from the inside, relaxes it and usually provides great relief. 

Diet, detox and anti-aging 

Ginger tea is used in dozens of diets. Because many people know: Ginger sets the metabolism in motion and stimulates the blood circulation due to the spicy ingredients. If you only drink one cup of ginger tea a day, you will increase your calorie consumption. 

Thanks to the good metabolism, your body detoxifies better because toxins and pollutants are excreted much faster. 

Ginger tea is also very popular as an anti-aging product. It slows down the aging process of the skin because the ingredients in ginger reduce the destruction of cells. But keep in mind: Ginger tea is not a panacea for obesity, but it can be a good help when losing weight! 

But what is the best way to prepare this tea? 

There are a number of ways to take ginger. You can take it either as a spice in food, as a capsule or as a tablet. 

However, ingestion through tea is the most common and also highly recommended. Because you can dose the tea as much as you like and at the same time achieve a quick effect. 

Recipe for 1 liter of fresh ginger tea 

For the tea you need 70g fresh ginger, 3 black peppercorns, a handful of basil, 5g liquorice root and 1 liter of boiled water. 

First you should Peel ginger and then chop. You can also rub it if necessary. 

Then you mix the three black peppercorns, the basil, the liquorice root and pour them on with sparkling water. 

It is recommended to let the tea steep for 10 minutes. 

If the tea is too spicy for you, you can make it more pleasant with honey or fresh lemon. 

However, if this recipe is too time-consuming for you, you can also use about 5-6 slices peeled ginger (You don't necessarily have to peel organic ginger) and pour boiling water over it. 

This tea should steep for about 10 to 20 minutes. 

Are There Any Side Effects From Consuming Ginger Tea? 

Usually there are no side effects, but many people have to get used to the pungent taste of ginger. 

However, excessive intake of ginger can cause heartburn or sometimes itchy skin.

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