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Ginger for better breath: How ginger helps against bad breath

Ingwer für besseren Atem: So hilft Ingwer gegen Mundgeruch - Dr. Ginger
Ingwer hilft gegen Mundgeruch
In 2018, ginger was voted Medicinal Plant of the Year. The bulbous plant has many medical uses and is recommended for colds, pain and gastrointestinal complaints, among other things. Now a study shows that ginger also quickly puts an end to bad breath.

When bad breath develops

When bacteria break down between the teeth or on the tongue, sulfur-containing compounds are formed. It is these particles that cause the unpleasant foul smell known as bad breath. Reduced salivation or eating foods high in sulfur increases the effect. This is why the breath smells particularly unpleasant after waking up or after enjoying a cup of coffee. Alcohol and cigarette consumption or inflammation in the throat are other typical triggers of bad breath. 
A research team from the Leibniz Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich has been on the trail of bad breath and has come across an active ingredient that eliminates bad breath almost immediately.

Pungent substance in ginger stops bad breath

The researchers at the Technical University of Munich discovered that when you eat ginger, bad breath decreases almost immediately. The substance 6-gingerol is responsible. More precisely, its effects on the enzyme sulfhydryl oxidase 1 in the saliva, which multiplies 16-fold when it comes into contact with 6-gingerol. 
The combination of active ingredients becomes active almost immediately after eating the tuber and spreads fresh breath within seconds. As the breath analyzes carried out show, ginger helps with bad breath caused by long-lasting scents such as coffee or garlic. The mechanism can even neutralize strong odors in the mouth and is therefore an effective remedy against chronic bad breath. The most recently published study results provide further information about the effect of the tuber plant on bacterial pathogens.

Study results could lead to product development

The study results from the Technical University of Munich were published on June 29, 2018 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The new findings could pave the way for completely new products in the future. Not only does the tuber help with bad breath, it also prevents muscle pain, can inhibit cancer and is an effective remedy for hair and scalp problems such as psoriasis or hair loss. 
The knowledge gained could result in completely new oral care products in the future. Mouthwashes, dragees and even tinctures are possible, which help with bad breath thanks to the effective pungent substance. However, the scientists around research leader Thomas Hofmann assume that every product with ginger extract automatically also contains the effective 6-gingerol. 
Instead of fresh ginger, which can cause an unpleasant burning sensation due to its sharpness, chewing gum, tea or dietary supplements with ginger extract can be used. Various health experts recommend other remedies for bad breath.

Ginger against bad breath

Its antibacterial properties make ginger a real remedy when it comes to fighting bad breath. Health experts recommend enjoying fresh ginger, ginger tea or ginger chewing gum. Especially when chewing gum, the stimulated flow of saliva achieves a rapid improvement in symptoms. The bacteria are neutralized and then rinsed out of the mouth. 
A slice of ginger can be placed directly on the tongue. The tuber kills the deposits on the tongue and gives the mouth a pleasant freshness. 
If you don't have ginger at home, you can alternatively use a piece of parsley. Although this does not contain 6-gingerol, it also gives the breath freshness. According to the researchers, citric acid also has a positive effect on the oral flora. The lemon juice addresses the so-called sodium ions, which are responsible for the production of saliva. More saliva is produced and the minerals in the saliva are released faster. This increases the sodium ion level and makes you more sensitive to certain foods. The stimulation of the flow of saliva ensures that residues are removed and no bad smells can form in the first place.

The healthy ginger tea

Tea made from ginger is particularly effective against bad breath. All you have to do is slice the ginger into thin slices and pour hot water over it. The tea must steep for five minutes and can then be drunk in small sips. The longer the tea steeps, the more the pungent substances come into their own and the better it helps against unpleasant breath. 
Ginger tea helps with bad breath that is caused by residues in the mouth, but not by sources of infection or even rotten teeth. If the teeth already have cavities or are brown in color, the dentist should be consulted. He is also the right contact for chronic bad breath, against which even ginger no longer helps.
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