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Ginger Shots - What's behind this new trend drink?

Ginger Shots - Was steckt hinter diesem neuen Trendgetränk? - Dr. Ginger

Ginger Shots - wie gesund ist das Trend Getränk Rezept

We know the espresso shot as a little pick-me-up that is gone with a quick sip. But the ginger shot? This is new and, apart from its beautiful name, is said to be a real wellness bomb. What is behind this new trend drink and how can you prepare it yourself at home? 

What does ginger do for health? 

A ginger shot is made from ginger. In terms of health, the tuber is worth its weight in gold. Ginger has been proven to be anti-inflammatory, wake you up, help with pain and put an end to nausea. With colds, ginger helps the immune system to get rid of the germs more quickly; If taken regularly, ginger can even ensure that you don't even get that annoying cold that your colleagues are struggling with. Ginger also contains a lot of vitamin C and valuable antioxidants that slow down skin aging in a natural and healthy way. Apart from all these health benefits, the yellow tuber also tastes great and warms you from the inside in a pleasantly cozy way. 

Ginger Shots - Ingwer express 

The Ginger Shot is a small amount of "liquid ginger". There are so many recipes that there is something for every taste. Ginger shots are often prepared with lime, lemon or orange, as the taste simply harmonizes and citrus fruits are known to contain many vitamins and are good for the immune system. If you like it sweeter, add some honey to the ginger shot, because it harmonises well with the other flavors in the ginger shot and is not overly sweet. The ginger shot is available in some smoothie bars, in well-stocked supermarkets already filled in bottles or simply from your home kitchen.  

Recipe for a turmeric ginger shot 

200 ml lemon juice
5 cm peeled ginger root in slices
2 El Honig
1 pinch of turmeric of 1-2 fresh slices

Warm the lemon juice, stir in the turmeric, place the sliced ​​ginger in a cup and pour over the lemon juice. Add honey to taste. 

Recipe for a cinnamon ginger shot 

200 ml lemon juice
3 cm peeled ginger root in slices
2 cm peeled turmeric slices
3 EL Honig
1 pinch of cinnamon 

Warm the lemon juice, put the ginger and turmeric slices in a cup and pour over the lemon juice. Stir in cinnamon. Add honey to taste.  

How did ginger shots become popular? 

The ginger shot hasn't long been the favorite trend drink of celebrities, but it's from this world that it comes from. For a while now, models, actors, singers, and anyone who has a large following on Instagram has been posting photos of today's ginger shot over and over again. Ginger itself has long been considered a superfood. For example, before the ginger shot, there was the turmeric latte, in which turmeric played the main role, but ginger could not be missing. Hot lemon with ginger is also a hot recommendation if your throat is scratchy and your nose is running. The Ginger Shot is concentrated ginger because most recipes use more ginger than any other drink and give you high doses of it.  

Make ginger shots yourself or buy them? 

Some ginger shot recipes call for mashed ginger, which you can easily make at home. However, it takes a while and requires some patience. If you don't have the time, there's nothing wrong with buying a ginger shot instead. However, freshly prepared ingredients are always better than supermarket produce, and the ginger shot is no exception. It probably tastes much better freshly prepared and you can stock up on it right away, because ginger shots taste good both hot and cold.

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