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How long does ginger keep?

Wie lange ist Ingwer haltbar? - Dr. Ginger
Wie lange ist Ingwer haltbar?
You have never used ginger in the kitchen but would like to try it? Go ahead: hardly any other condiment is as easy to use and at the same time as versatile as ginger. In addition, it not only tastes great if you like it a bit spicier, but is also proven to be extremely healthy. Ginger has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect and has so many positive health effects that it is not possible to list them all in a nutshell. Only the long-term consumption of ginger and its use during pregnancy is occasionally discouraged.
The spiciness in ginger is mainly due to the essential oils in the tuber called gingerols, as well as the shogaols. The spicy hopper contains numerous vitamins and trace elements and many other substances beneficial to health. But above all: Ginger tastes fantastic, and not only in Asian dishes. Our grandmothers used ginger to cook and bake, even though it is a plant from Asia. 
Two of the most frequently asked questions about ginger are: how long does ginger keep and what is the best way to store ginger? Ginger shelf life is highly dependent on freshness upon purchase. Strictly speaking, ginger is not a root, but a so-called rhizome. When the "root" is fresh, it is fairly smooth. Once it starts to look wrinkled and possibly has spots on it, you can assume it's past its prime. It will then hardly be really fresh inside either. You can recognize a fresh ginger root immediately when you cut it: it is light yellow and juicy. There are warnings here and there about the formation of mold on ginger, but this generally only occurs if it is stored improperly, which brings us to the second question.
If necessary, you will find a large number of instructions, some of which are downright cute, on the correct storage of ginger. Everything is represented from dry to wet. The fact is that a fresh root of ginger can easily be stored for two weeks in an open container, for example next to the fruit basket on the kitchen shelf. That's all. It is not recommended to store it in a closed plastic box, and then possibly wrap it in a damp cloth. If you do that, you shouldn't be surprised about mold growth. If mold does appear on your ginger (it's easy to spot), then it's best to cut away the affected parts generously or, if in doubt, throw the thing away entirely.

A question that is at least as important as that of storage and shelf life is whether or not you should peel ginger. In principle, the answer is simple: If the origin of the ginger is not 100% clear - to be on the safe side peel. With the end of the style of a teaspoon, it's easy to do.
Incidentally, ginger can also be used to make excellent drinks, from ginger water to ginger tea to Ginger liqueur.

When cooking with ginger, it is advisable to cut off a little bit that has become dry. Then, whether peeled or unpeeled, simply grate with a reasonably sharp-toothed kitchen grater. Some cooks prefer to cut the ginger into thin slices and then "stick" them. Rubbing is definitely easier. Cooking in larger pieces is only recommended for dishes that require a long cooking time.
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